Went on top of the bridge today (Taken with Instagram at Tower Bridge)
07.01.12 /15:01
Some loves his new sunglasses
05.21.12 /12:11
Cooling off
05.19.12 /19:21/ 1
Reading out loud to brother on the way to school
05.17.12 /08:25
Taking a break, but keeping an eye on his business
05.12.12 /13:24/ 1
Brothers waiting patiently
05.11.12 /08:23
Big brother was not happy about little brother wanting to sleep with him last night (Taken with instagram)
04.07.12 /16:30/ 1
04.07.12 /14:37/ 1
The boys… That’s my Huskies shirt from elementary school.
04.06.12 /19:23
Yea! Facebook timeline is back on for tumblr!!! And Hale is reading some Tintin. Good day!
04.02.12 /20:32
Hello hair… (Taken with instagram)
03.12.12 /19:45
I’m glad Kathleen is introducing Hale to the Star Wars universe (Taken with instagram)
02.15.12 /20:33/ 1
Wheeee! (Taken with instagram)
02.10.12 /08:56
Hale preferred his art in the fridge, not on the fridge as other children may be accustomed to. This was the genius of his art. (Taken with instagram)
01.30.12 /20:38
With authentic sound effects
01.19.12 /08:32
Canvas  by  andbamnan